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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos April 2019

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Investigative Work in 2019

Brunel Swivel Bridge

2019 investigative work is on the rotation of the bridge

Details of work

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Details of progress in 2019

April 2019

Investigating the wheels Rotor Wheels photos
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Julian jacking up the bridge a few centimeters .....quite hard work!
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Bob and David winching the old wheel out of the way ready for lowering the bridge
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Julian, Geoff and David burrowed under the lowest part of the Bridge and fitted parts of the new bronze collar to hold the Bridge central, which requred them also to jack up the bridge
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Julian adusting the new bronze collar
Brunel Swivel Bridge
John clearing the weeds
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Bob showing David Greenfield, Andrew Smith and Richard Harris his drawings. The Plimsoll bridge has just swung for their benefit
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Maggie and Julia Elton join in the conversation