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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos September 2022

Last Saturday we all agreed that the day was fun. We expected lots of visitors for Heritage Open Day, but very few turned up. However, we met a number of interesting people, and had some great conversations. Amongst our visitors was Paco who works for Balfour Beatty at Hinkley Point C. He thought he might be able to help scan the Swivel Bridge and produce an animation of it rotating! This is something we have dreamed of, so Paco, we look forward to working with you on this.
We tried out our new wheeled plate-lifter to expose the pit that contains the control-valve for BOB's hydraulic systems, see photo. Julian fitted the brass wear-plates he had prepared for the south pit ram-crosshead, and Geoff cleared the debris from under the Bridge, whilst our other Julian videoed our various operations.
We started work on the capstan beside Brunel's Lock, assumed to be the one used to close the caisson gate. David, Charlie, and Chris ingeniously used three trolley jacks to raise the rotating drum and inspect the inside, see photos. It is a simple design and in good condition, but the top brass bearing is worn, so that the capstan can't turn properly at present. On our next workday we'll investigate the possibility of restoring it. Do join us on 15th October for that adventure if you can. We shall need a woodworker to re-make the 3 inch thick oak packers on the capstan, so please contact Geoff Wallis on 0758-4060-806 or if you can help. We were delighted to welcome Heather and Chris Shiell who kindly visited us from their home in Ireland. Heather has offered to help with the creation of new signage, so we look forward to working with you.

Our new wheeled plate lifter

The control valve uncovered

David, Charlie, and Chris ingeniously used three trolley jacks

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