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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos October 2018

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Investigative Work in 2018

Brunel Swivel Bridge

2018 investigative work is on the rotation of the bridge

Details of work

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Details of progress in 2018

October 2018

Levelling the wheels and bearings. Rotor Wheels photosThis time the South East.
Brunel Swivel Bridge
A misty, damp start
Brunel Swivel Bridge
It was not until 11am that the Suspension bridge appeared and one could
contemplate rubbing down and painting the shed since it was too wet
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Charlie and David have lifted the bearings off the south west wheel.
The nuts holding the wheel bearing assemby can now be undone to be
able to insert packing underneath.
Since they have not been undone for over 50 years they are expected
to be difficult to undo.
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Julian applying the acetylene to the nuts on the outside bearing
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Note that packing has already been added to the inside bearing, and that the bearings
have been carefully numbered to make sure they go back the same way
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Julian videoing, David using the hoist, Julian and Bob overseeing
Brunel Swivel Bridge
The packing strips have all been made individually and future location identified
Brunel Swivel Bridge
And the weeds continue to grow
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