Brunel Swivel BridgeBrunel's Other Bridge

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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos September 2017

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Investigative Work in 2017

Brunel Swivel Bridge

2017 investigative work is on the rotation of the bridge

Details of work

Details of progress in 2013

Details of progress in 2014

Details of progress in 2015

Details of progress in 2016

Details of progress in 2017

September 2017

Brunel Swivel Bridge
Casting molten metal at Boro Foundry, Stourbridge
Brunel Swivel Bridge
New cast iron wheel being loaded to Geoff's estate car
Brunel Swivel Bridge
New cast iron wheel on display in Geoff's estate car at Doors Open Day
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Visitors looking at the exhibition of photos

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