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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos March 2024

'I am amazed and delighted at the distance folk travel to help out on our workdays' said honary project manager Geoff Wallis. Jeff Beckett regularly comes to Bristol from Cambridgeshire to support Bristol City and spends the morning volunteering with us, and Chris regularly drives from Warminster.
Today Nicki came from East Anglia to visit a friend and spent half the day working with local ace-photographer Rupert Martin cleaning down the 'dangerous' side of the Bridge beside the Dock. Wearing a safety harness and lifejacket they cleaned 5m of the side span using a mystery liquid to remove lichen. If you want to know what it is, come along on 20th April and find out!

Nicki and Rupert described their experience as 'strangely satisfying'. Not surprising because it does look very good! Thank you folks.

Geoff and Charlie removed the middle strip of felt, south side and fitted a new one which also looks good. Reece cleared vegetation from Jessop Lock wall, whilst Chris did amazing work power-sanding and repainting the turntable ring in a very tight space under the bridge, and then strimmed. Charlie lassoed & removed a scaffold board thrown by vandals into Brunel's Lock and then measured the slope of silt. He is doing some calculations to verify the feasibility of sluicing out the silt naturally.

March2024_chris power sanding
Chris in a tight spot under the bridge
March2024_charlie on the roof
Charlie on the roof
March24_clearing graffiti
Nicki and Rupert cleaning the bridge
March24_charlie and his lassoo
Charlie lassooing a stray scafolding board

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