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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos August 2021

Our fourth work party of the year.

Although numbers were depleted by holidays, our 'faithfuls' progressed reassembly work in the south ram-pit, and cleared weeds generally around the site. Ian removed two large tree-roots from the masonry around Jessop's early 19th century lock which were making it unstable, see photo.

Thank you Julian and Peter for videoing, and our AIBT web-master Robin for visiting us and taking photos. Thanks too to John who demonstrated his new mapping app, which he is now using to record all the heritage assets in the Cumberland Basin area.

On Saturday and Sunday 11-12th September visitors on Doors Open Days will be visiting the site with audio tour guides. These days will NOT be volunteer workdays due to holiday commitments

We wish Charlie every success as he starts Marine Science at Plymouth University. Thank you for your amazing help over the last five years, we look forward to seeing you again on your visits back home in Bristol.

Meanwhile Julian Beel, Charlie and Bob continued to re-erect the ram assembly following its off-site inspection.

Our next full work-day is on Saturday 16th October, so do please join us then.

John Gardening
John gardening
weeding the walls />
Weeding the walls

Charlie tightening a holding-down nut in the ram pit/>
Charlie tightening a holding-down nut in the ram pit
Ian cutting a destructive root growing inside stonework />
Ian cutting a destructive root growing inside stonework

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