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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos August 2019

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Investigative Work in 2019

Brunel Swivel Bridge

2019 investigative work is on the rotation of the bridge

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Details of progress in 2019

August 2019

Investigating the wheels Rotor Wheels photos
A day of applying Denso tape and paste to the faying surfaces of the old and new turntable rings, and the 3mm packings that lay between them.
Faying surfaces are the contacting surfaces or faces of two similar or dissimilar materials placed in tight contact to form a joint. They are mating surfaces that contain a sealant in between them during any assembly process so that there is no gap or crevice left between them.
They are used in engineering fastening and joint development of different members to form a strong structure. To prevent corrosion between the two surfaces, primers or sealing agents are used to provide an air- or moisture-tight joint. In this case we attaching a corroded wrought iron surface to a new steel ring using aluminium packers.
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Vidioer Julian dragging away one of the logs that had helped to lift the kentledge end
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Dorothea Julian using the jacks to help remove the log supports
Brunel Swivel Bridge
The two Julians and Bob using scaffoling poles and rope to move the log to the log enclosure
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Removing supports from the sides
Brunel Swivel Bridge
More supports removed. When we started work originally the whole of the bridge from the turntable to the end under the bridge was unsupported
just as it had been since 1964
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Bob measuring the height of the bridge at the corner
Brunel Swivel Bridge
And the height on the other corner
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Robin Whitworth of AIBT came to inspect
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Jeff all the way from from Cambridge had come to help
Brunel Swivel Bridge
The new turntable ring has been welded to the old ring
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Kentledge still lifted a little
Brunel Swivel Bridge
All area weeded and tidied up ready for the weekend celebrations of 7th and 8th Sept