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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos may 2017

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Investigative Work in 2017

The main focus of our attention was the badly pitted wheel track which sits on top of the wheels.
The wheel track is a heavy forging (about 14 ft diameter) probably made by rolling to a circle and fire-welding the joint.
It is an amazing example of heavy forge-work which should be preserved for future generations.
The problem is how to machine away the face, which is why a little experimentation is needed.
Bob found that following measurements today, he thought that he would put them on a record to compare with the original intended dimensions of the rail track.
The original Brunel drawings show a radius to the centreline of the rail track as 6ft 7.5in (79.5in). We are therefore very close when we average the N-S and E-W dimensions acquired on site today!

Details of work

Details of progress in 2013

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Details of progress in 2017

May 2017

Brunel Swivel Bridge
The rail track under the turntable
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Bob and Geoff discussing tactics
Brunel Swivel Bridge
The grinder was heavy to hold above the head so Bob supported it with rope
Brunel Swivel Bridge
View from above
Brunel Swivel Bridge
This may be where the joining pin was
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Good crop of lambs plantain which had to go.
Brunel Swivel Bridge
loved the poppies which were prolific so kept them
Off site
Brunel Swivel Bridge
four new bearing-halves have been cast
Brunel Swivel Bridge
Delivering the wheel to Boro Foundry at Stourbridge. Not sure what Janet is thinking!

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