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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos June 2022

The weather forcast wasn't great but we still had volunteers who braved the weather.

John was doing an excellent job removing graffiti and David continued his work in the ram pit.
Chris and Charlie continued with the clearance of the vegetation and they uncovered some marks carved into the stone (see pictures below). When the rain came, Charlie found shelter in an uxpected spot.
Dominic did some more weeding around the site, assisted by some visitors from Thornbury
We were treated to not one but two plimsoll bridge swings to let in 2 yachts!

Join us again in July!

View with the Plimsoll bridge open

another view with the Plimsoll bridge open

David hard at work in the pit

John cleaning up grafitti

David explaining the operation to interested visitors

Chris and Charlie doing more tidying

Chris and Charlie doing more tidying

Charlie sheltering from the rain

Are these circular marks the remain of a ladder?

Interesting marking discovered under the vegetation

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