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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos August 2022

Despite being the height of the holiday period, attendance was good and we made great progress. In the ram-pit Julian, Geoff and David trial-fitted the bronze pressure-relief valve and reassembled both side rails and bolts. We assembled our new plate-lifter & trialled it, whilst Julian trial fitted his new brass slider-plates. Chris and Reece vanquished weeds and the Tongue area now looks really neat. John, Andy, & Dominic painted out graffiti on BOB and buildings to the north side of the Entrance Lock. We had the pleasure of watching the Matthew going out and then locking back into the Harbour, although this took rather longer than usual. The Plimsoll Swing-Bridge failed and an emergency electrical contractor had to be called out to get it moving. The Ship was marooned in the Entrance Lock for a long time, so the passengers had to disembark and walk the rest of their journey! Join us again in September!

Andy doing a good job of redecorating after the vandals

John cleaning off graffiti

David's refurbished valve fits again so he is a happy chappy

Dominic chemical-cleaning graffiti

Chris strimming the weeds

John prepares the hydraulic plantroom for painting

The Matthew on the way out with the bridge deck in the foreground

The Matthew and the Bristol Packet waiting for the lock to open

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