Brunel Swivel BridgeBrunel's Other Bridge

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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Videos and animations

3D animation The Mann Williams team, working with Bridge Engineers Cass Hayward, are using Bob Watkins's excellent drawings to create a mathematical model of the Bridge which will calculate its strength and vibration modes. The Bridge is a very complex structure, so the model will be verified by ingenious vibration testing. A 70 Kg agitator shakes the Bridge, setting up vibrations in the ironwork in the longitudinal, transverse and vertical directions. Once the modelling is complete repairs will be added and calculations carried out to show which repairs are structurally essential, which can be regarded as less critical, and the structure's ultimate load-bearing capacity on completion. You can see a short video here
3D animation New animation created by Paco Lluna and his colleagues at Balfour Beatty show in 3D how the bridge operated. Click the picture to see the full video.
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