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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos May 2021

May 2021

Our first work party of the year. Thanks to everyone who turned out in lovely sunny weather on Saturday. With such a big team we achieved much and transformed the appearance of the site.

We welcomed Chris Burson who drove all the way from Warminster, and Julie, recently appointed to the BCC regeneration Team, with her charming eight year old daughter Gwen. They painted out graffiti, and then Gwen helped Daisy Silva, a student at Bath Uni, carry out heroic engineering work in the ram-pit. Led by Charlie, they lifted the pit covers, rigged up a jacking gantry over the pit and lifted the 1 Tonne hydraulic ram ready for the base holes to be reamed out during the next volunteer workday. Charlie has just finished his A Levels and is hoping to start at Plymouth University in September, so we wish you every success with your grades Charlie.

The gardening party did great work removing rampant weeds from the site, so many thanks to John Willis, Reece Cammock, and Iain Boyd from the Bristol Civic Society. The Civic Society's Chair Simon Birch also visited before rushing off to another volunteering event. The graffiti-obliterators comprising Ian, Chris, Julie, Gwen and Martin made both sides of the Bridge look less vandalised, whilst Peter Heaven videoed and Geoff acted as organizer, facilitator and cleaner of paint-brushes.

Our next workday is on Saturday 26th June so please join us to do further battle with the rust, weeds,and graffiti.

BOB workparty May 2021
BOB workparty May 2021
BOB workparty May 2021
BOB workparty May 2021
BOB workparty May 2021
BOB workparty May 2021

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