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Brunel Swivel Bridge Project Photos April 2022

Our faithful volunteers decided a day working on BOB was preferable to road traffic or airport queues so turned out in force on this sunny Easter weekend. We welcomed a new volunteer Andy G who found us on Facebook. He worked with Head Gardener Chris B and Charlie on removing vegetation and small trees threatening the south wall of Brunel's Listed Lock. Safety harnesses kept them safe working near the silt-filled lock. Chris travels all the way from the wilds of Wiltshire (Warminster) to lead our Gardening team and their work is vital to keep the Tongue looking decent and vegetation from destabilising listed historic masonry.

BOB Web-master Dominic cleared the vegetation and a small tree from the timber-decking compound. Looks good Dominic, thank you.

Graffiti-Gang leaders Olive and Matt were away on holiday in the wonderful Easter weather, but John W continued the painting project by needle-gunning and applying 2-pack primer to the steel angle used to strengthen the Bridge after its argument with a ship during the last century.

Julian, David and Geoff assembled more of the south ram-gear, and measured up for the new small components needed to complete the reassembly, whilst Peter H recorded the Tech Team on video.

Join us again in June!

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